What is an Email Phishing Scam? (And How to Detect One) February 22, 2018

What exactly is email phishing? Here, we break down an example to help keep you safe from cyber criminals this tax season.

The Things You Need To File Your Taxes, On One Sheet February 20, 2018

Whether you're filing taxes yourself, or hiring a professional - download this printable tax checklist to get your documents and deductions organized.

Thank You Sioux Falls, For Helping These 10 Charities Make a Difference February 15, 2018

To celebrate our 10th anniversary in Sioux Falls, Security National Bank of South Dakota raised awareness of 10 local charities in our community - one month at a time.

SNB of South Dakota Names New Senior Vice President February 1, 2018

Security National Bank of South Dakota has named Mark Lovre as Senior Vice President of Commercial Services. Lovre is responsible for business development in commercial real estate and commercial banking, administration support and the training oversight of commercial lenders for portfolio management and credit analysis.