Gift Ideas Parents Really Want for Their Kids

Dear Santa, What My Kids Really Meant To Say On Their Lists

December 13, 2017

By Rashell Derocher
Personal Banker

Dear Santa, 

I’m attaching this with the sweet letters written by my adorable, mostly-well-behaved children, in hopes that you’ll allow me to translate a few of the items on their lists:



I know it looks like my kid wrote “X-Box” on their list, but I think they meant to say “X-Periences” (we’re still working on spelling). Passes to the museum or zoo would be nice. Or tickets for family movie night. Or maybe an art class or guitar lessons (because, as much as they’ll argue otherwise, Guitar Hero is NOT the same thing). I’d much rather they make memories than brain mush. Mind helping me out?

529 Savings Plan

I’d also like to correct the request for Pokemon cards. My kids won’t tell you this now, but when they graduate high school in 10 years, they’d much rather have money for their education than a Charizard or a Pikachu. Did you know that a lot of parents have either already set up a 529 College Savings Plan, or they would really like to get one started? If you wouldn’t mind dropping a hint to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and our more brilliant friends, that would be awesome — have them contact Security National Bank to learn about more ways to help us save for future college expenses.


Empty Box

Rather than fill up our kids’ rooms (and our house) with more clutter, how about filling up their imaginations? If you and the elves have extra boxes (huge ones, like for big-screens and fridges) or packing material around, just set those premium fort-building supplies next the tree and our kids will take care of the rest. The best part? We can set them up outside, or just throw it all in recycling when they’re done with it. Clutter-free!

Side note: PVC Pipe also makes for excellent fort-building.  


Paying it Forward

I’d love to give my kids the gift of giving to the less fortunate. Do you think you could help us space out an entire afternoon with the family to help others in need at the soup kitchen or other local charity? That just might be the best way to celebrate what the season is all about!

Thanks for humoring me on this one, Santa. I know you’ll do what you can. I have faith in you. 


~ Parents Everywhere



Rashell DerocherRashell Derocher is a personal banker at Security National Bank. She's also a wife and mother of three — so having sensible Christmas gift instincts comes with the territory. Set up an appointment today with Rashell or any of the banking experts at SNB.