Card Controls on the SNB Mobile App

Control your Debit Card(s), with a single tap on your smartphone, using the SNB SD Mobile App:

  • Turn Card On/Off: Instantly disable your debit card if it’s been misplaced or stolen. Once you find it, enable it again just as easily.
  • Spending Limits: Control and monitor your spending limits by setting a maximum transaction amount.
  • Transaction Types: Disable certain transaction types you use less often — like ATM withdrawals, online purchases or international transactions — to protect against fraudulent card charges.
  • Locations: Stop fraudulent purchases outside of your regular geographic location. Limit your card's usage by zip code, city or state.
  • Create Alerts: Decide which information you’d like to receive via push notifications – every time you make a transaction, times your card has been denied, and more.

Experience ultimate card control and download the SNB SD Mobile App today!

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How Do Card Controls Work?

View a step-by-step guide to using Card Controls on the SNB SD Mobile App:

Step-by-Step Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

This page offers a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers regarding the "Card Controls" feature on the SNB SD Mobile App.

How Much Do Card Controls Cost?

Nothing. Card Control is a free feature for all Security National Bank of South Dakota customers, who have an eligible Debit Card, an online banking login and the SNB Mobile App downloaded to their device.

What are the Requirements to Use Card Controls?

1. You must be a Security National Bank of South Dakota customer with a registered online banking ID (get one here). 

2. You must download the SNB SD Mobile App to your smart device (click here to have the download link texted to your device). 

You can also set up the Card Control feature in person, with a personal banker at a physical SNB SD branch location. Click here to set up an appointment.

If I lose my card and disable it, what should I do when it’s located again?

Once the card has been found, you can enable it again through Card Controls.

However, if you believe your card was out of your possession and may have been compromised, you should NOT turn your card back on. Instead, contact SNB of South Dakota and have a new card issued.

I Have the SNB SD Mobile App. Are My Cards Automatically Enrolled?

Yes, if you have already downloaded the SNB SD Mobile App, and have SNB SD cards connected to your eligible accounts, they will automatically be detected and listed on the Mobile App. 

However, even though your card(s) will be detected, none of the “Card Control” features (setting limits, alerts, toggling on/off, etc.) will be automatically activated until you choose to do so manually.

Do Card Controls Work for Non-SNB Cards?

No, the SNB SD Mobile App feature won't currently work for card accounts not associated with Security National Bank of South Dakota.

Can I add the card of a family member or joint account holder?

No, even if you hold a joint account with someone, you may only add cards specifically in your name. To use Card Controls, each individual card holder will need their own SNB SD Mobile App downloaded to their device.

Can I set my card limit higher than my account’s daily limit?

No, you cannot change your card limit to exceed the current daily limit attached to your account. If you would like to increase your daily limit on your account, contact us at Security National Bank of South Dakota.

Are Card Controls Available Through Online Banking?

No, the only way to access Card Controls is by using the SNB SD Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet.

What If My Question Isn’t On This Page?

For more information, or if you have additional questions, call (605) 977-9000 or contact SNB of South Dakota online.