A Debit Card & Free Checking Account That Pay You Back*

Spend your money on what really matters, not on ATM fees. Switch to a Performance Plus Checking Account, use any ATM nationwide and we’ll refund the fees!* You can also earn up to 3.15% APY* interest on the money you keep in your account.

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Already an SNB customer? If you have a Performance Plus Checking Account, you will see your ATM reimbursements on your next statement cycle. If you have questions, contact us.

Performance Plus Checking Account Features

Get a variety of convenient benefits with an SNB Performance Plus Checking Account:

Unlimited ATM Refunds*

A lot of banks charge up to $4 just to make an ATM transaction. Not us. With a Performance Plus Checking Account, you can use any ATM, anywhere, at no extra charge. After you make a transaction, Security National Bank will reimburse the full amount at the end of the statement period.

New Vertical Debit Card

We're adapting to the way people bank today — including how you use your debit card. The new vertical card design brings chip technology to the forefront, for a more intuitive and secure way to make a purchase. When you open a Security National Bank checking account, your debit card is free, and you’ll never pay monthly debit card fees.

Earn a Higher Interest Rate*

You work hard for your money, so your money should work hard for you. With a Performance Plus Checking Account, you may qualify to earn up to:

  • 3.15% APY* for balances up to $25,000
  • Range of .54%-3.15% APY for balances over $25,000 (no cap)
  • 0.05% APY if all of the qualification requirements listed below are not met

No Minimum Balance

We don’t charge you for having a low bank account balance. The minimum balance for our free checking accounts is $0.

No Monthly Fees

When you open a free bank account with SNB, it’s just that — free. You’ll never pay monthly service charges or hidden fees.

Online, Mobile & Local Banking.

All SNB checking accounts feature free online and mobile banking. Our online options, mobile banking app and card control features make it easy to be in charge of your bank account right from the comfort of your home. Or, if you prefer the human touch, stop by one of our locally owned branches near you!

*Getting Started with SNB Performance Plus Checking

To qualify for the highest Performance Plus interest rate and unlimited ATM refunds, you must also meet these requirements:

  • A minimum opening deposit of $50 
  • A valid email address with the bank
  • A monthly direct deposit of at least $100
  • At least 12 monthly VISA debit card transactions
  • Sign up for paperless statements
  • Log on to the SNB website or mobile banking app at least once each month

Learn More About Opening an Account:

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*Account requires minimum opening balance of $50. For personal accounts only. One account per household. For accounts that meet the above qualifications during the statement period, an interest rate of 3.10% will be paid on the entire balance with an Annual Percentage Yield of 3.15% if your average daily balance is $25,000 or less. An interest rate of .25% will be paid only for that portion of your average daily balance that is greater than $25,000. The APY for this tier will range from 0.54% to 3.15% depending on the balance in the account. This range is calculated using a hypothetical average balance of $250,000. For accounts that do not meet these qualifications, 0.05% APY is paid on the entire average daily balance and you will not receive ATM fee refunds. All features of this account are subject to change at the bank’s discretion at any time. If you close your account before interest is credited, you will not receive the accrued interest. Rates are effective as of  .

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